Postgraduate training – КГАВМ Postgraduate training - Kazan State Academy of Veterinary Medicine named after N.E. Bauman

Postgraduate training

The Academy offers a full-time post graduate course and other degree oriented programs to train researchers and the teaching staff.

Under the Federal State Educational Standards, authorized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation researchers and teaching staff training covers two research areas comprising ten programs/profiles/:

06.06.1 Biological sciences




36.06.01 Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry


-Diagnosis of animal diseases and animal therapy, pathology, oncology and animal morphology;

-Veterinary microbiology, virology, epizootology, mycology with mycotoxicology and immunology;

-Veterinary pharmacology with toxicology;

-Veterinary surgery;

-Veterinary sanitation, ecology, animal sanitation and veterinary inspection;

-Veterinary obstetrics and animal reproduction biotechnology;

-Breeding, selection, genetics and reproduction of farmed animals;

-Special animal husbandry, livestock products production technology.

There is a three-year 6489 h. (180 U.C.) and a four-year 8640 h. (240 U.C.) full-time postgraduate program. There is no part-time postgraduate program. The course   comprises four blocks:

Block 1. The basic part (Foreign Language, History of Philosophy of sciences) and options (subjects relevant to the degree)

Block 2 Practice courses: pedagogical practice and research practice

Block 3Researches

Block 4. State final assessment (preparing for the exam and taking it; presenting a report on the main results of the scientific thesis)

Postgraduates who pass their state final assessment successfully are awarded a “Researcher. Researcher-Teacher Diploma” and a Conclusion of the Establishment about the result of scientific work presentation. After that the postgraduate course leavers (competitors) present the Conclusion of the Establishment and the thesis to the relevant Dissertation Council for public defense of the Candidate of Science thesis. The competitor defends his thesis in the Dissertation Council authorized by the Supreme Attestation Committee (SAC) of the Russian Federation with the participation of professors and specialists in relevant fields. The competitor is awarded the Candidate of Science degree and after SAC approval he/she gets a Candidate of Science Diploma.