Regulations – КГАВМ Regulations - Kazan State Academy of Veterinary Medicine named after N.E. Bauman


When entering the Russian Federation a foreign student must provide to the International Department of the academy within 3 days the following documents:

1) passport
2) visa
3) migration card
4) 2 photos, 3×4 (for the first year of study)
In case of registration at the private address it is obligatory to r\provide additionally to the above mentioned documents the following ones:
1) a copy of the homeowner’s passport (a page with the photo, page with residence registration)
2) a copy of the documents which prove his right of ownership
3) a homeowner’s statement (consent) (certified by notary)

Within 10 days after submitting the documents a foreign student must receive in the International Department a migration card and a copy of a loose-lead of the notification about his arrival in Russia, which he must carry for confirming the legal stay on the territory of the RF.

In the case of the departure of the student to country of permanent residence for 3days before the intended departure from the Russian Federation a foreign student must pass a copy of the detachable part of the notification about arrival in the Russian Federation in International department of Kazan SAVM for the removal of migration registration.


The duration of temporary stay in the RF of foreign citizen, having arrived via the visa, if defined by the period of validity of the visa having been issued to him. The students of the county, where visa is needed, are obliged to apply to the International Department not later than 30 days before expiry of the term of visa for processing by the intercession department for multi-entry study visa in the territorial subdivision of Department of the Federal Migration Service of the RF.

Foreign students whose period of national documents expires during education (passport or other documents that replace them), shall promptly replace them and give a copy of new documents to the International Department within 5 days after the receipt of a new national document to make changes in basic record of a foreign student.

To extend the period of stay by executing multiple educational visa a foreign student must submit the following documents to the territorial department of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.

1) A completed visa application form, signed by a foreign citizen in person.
2) A valid passport of a foreign citizen and a copy of the passport pages that contain information about a foreign citizen (student) and the period of validity of the passport.

3) A copy of the visa

4) Receipt of payment of the state fee for the visa

5)4 photos 3×4 (black and white or color on matte paper)
6) Tear – off part of the notification of the arrival of a foreign citizen at the place of stay.

7) A written request to the organization, at the invitation of which the foreigner insides in the territory of the Russian Federation. The request shall specify the circumstances giving reason to the issue (extension, restoration) of visa. The request is made by the department of foreign students;

8) A copy of the contract for education

9) Certificate from school (it is given by the department of foreign students).

Trips abroad during term time are made only for valid reasons (registration of marriage, the death of close relatives, etc.) and in the presence of official supporting documents. A foreign student in this case is to write an application addressed to the Rector of the university, after getting the signatures of the faculty dean and head of International Department.

After graduation or expulsion a foreign student should leave the Russian Federation in the period established by the legislation of the RF. Upon the student has the right to leave according to his multiple entry visa. If he is dismissed for academic failure, breach of contract, etc. the student is issued transit visa on the ticket that the students should get. Check out must be done within 10 days. If the student does not leave the country without a good reason a migration control will shortened and he will be considered to be deviating from the exit of the RF, which is pursued by the law of the Russian Federation. Such foreign student is to be deported without the right to enter the territory of the Russian Federation.