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Training and Quality Assurance Committee

Training and Quality Assurance Committee was established on the base of order No. 10 of 18 January 2017 by merging of Training Committee and Quality Assurance Committee.

Main purposes and objectives of the Committee:

  • Support of educational process in the Academy;
  • Realization of single strategy for solving tasks of educational process;
  • Development and improvement of documentation regulating educational process;
  • Organization, planning and control of the current educational process in the Academy;
  • Maintenance of current documentation and planning of data on issues related to educational process;
  • Coordinating the work of Faculties, Departments, and other Organizational Units for support of educational process;
  • Assignment, monitoring and control of implementation of academic load by Departments of the Academy;
  • Timely providing the organizational units with blanks of educational reporting documents related to educational process;
  • Assurance of high-qualityeducation in the Academy by means of establishing the complex conceptions about quantitative and fundamental changes in management quality system (hereafter referred to as MQS).

Staff of the Committee:

The current relevant staff of the Committee has basic higher education in management, certification and education quality


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